Wednesday, August 9, 2017

on my radar: August 2017!

I'm not going to go all "oh my goodness it's almost fall" on you today... well, actually on second thought, maybe I am.  Do I want summer to end? Yes and no. Do I want fall to begin? Yes and no.  The truth is that I'm a little run ragged this time of year.  As I sit here and type this I legitimately can not remember the last time I worked out - I mean, yikes! That's scary. I've hit my summer cocktail quota (sad but true).  My kids are officially sick of me - I won't comment on if the feeling is mutual.  And I really feel like we've done ALL.THE.SUMMER.THINGS.

This girl is ready to sit by the fire with a warm beverage, doze off during half-time of Sunday football and just SLOW DOWN in general.  I always think I crave an endless summer, but I just can't hang friends. I'm tired! Not that fall isn't just as busy with school back in session, it's just a different type of busy and right now, different sounds good.

With this state of mind there are a lot of casual and 'cozy' basics in today's post. The definitely reflect my current state of mind. Trying to slow down, trying to step back a little and definitely taking as many deep breaths as I can as we transition from one busy season to another.  So with all that in mind... here are a few items on my radar this month:

top row, from left:
tassel handbag - this bag is CALLING my name for fall. Simple, elegant and oh so beautiful. And it's not quite as expensive as this one I've been eyeing too.
oversized cardigan - this is giving me all the fall feels for sure. It's also available in black! 
grey stacked heel slide - don't these just look so easy and comfortable for heels? Love.
Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look palette - not gonna lie, I pretty much need all the help I can get with makeup and this set has FULL instructions! I think maybe I could do this!

middle row, from left:
Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow - okay SO many bloggers are raving about this stuff! The before and after photos on the website are pretty awesome! Not gonna lie, I am pretty intrigued.
hoop earrings - the perfect everyday earrings!
essential oil diffuser - I love diffusing oils, especially in the summer when the ac is running all the time and my house starts smelling like hot, sweaty kids.  This diffuser is much prettier than the one I currently own!

bottom row: 
'gangster nap' tee - this t-shirt gets me.  And the description on the website is cracking me up! Plus, how cute paired with a denim jacket for fall?
button front jeans - I just got these and LOVE them... plus if you are tall or short or in-between - they are available in several lengths. Perfect for us short - or you tall - gals.
relaxed neck sweatshirt - I could wear this from now until Christmas. And then some. Who's with me?
wool blend boyfriend coat - is it too early to start buying wool coats? Asking for a friend. 

What fun items are on your radar these days I would love to know!

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